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Nuno Caldeira

The creator route

The creator's name is Nuno Filipe Fiadeiro Caldeira, son of Fernando Américo Batalha Caldeira and Maria Cristina Lopes Cardoso Fiadeiro Caldeira. He has born on 16th of June of 1969 at the Lisbon Military Hospital, and he lived in Olivais Sul, Lisbon, till the age of 25. After his marriage with Sandra Cristina Lopes Moreira, the couple went to Costa de Caparica, next to Lisbon. In 31st of December of 1995 has born their first daughter, Mariana, and in 25th of September of 1999 born the second son, Vicente. Actually the family lives in Olivais, Lisbon.

1.The family influence

The creator has grown up in a paradoxical environment: On one hand the paternal influence, in which the commercial life of his father, uncle and grandfather conditioned to a rigour and hardy work; and on the other hand the maternal influence, in which the uncompromising with the routine, and her mother artistic sensibility were essentials to his creation and to his parents' professional success: the decoration shops, that they still manage. His mother has painted and attended art schools. On reality his parents were the first in Lisbon harmonising the furniture sails with decoration utilities 35 years ago. Both grandparents had a hard work living. The paternal grandfather came to Lisbon with thirteen years old, firstly as a jobber, than as a commercial servant and later as an official of a commercial firm; until the day he made society with a friend to sell lamps, salamanders-stoves and accessories. His own grandfather made the drawings of lamps and salamanders-stoves, before sending to the factory. Nowadays it still exists salamanders drown by him. On the other hand, his maternal grandfather was a fulltime doctor. He worked day and night, inside and outside of a consulting-room, that was below his flat. There, he attended his patients, made childbirth's and all small surgeries. He was for a log time the only doctor of a large location across the Tagus river, called Seixal. Behind his house there was a large terrace with all kind of animals given by the patients, as payment of his services. They used to stay there, waiting for the next meal. The creator considers this relate important for his existence understanding. He says that "the way for the future has in count the past. Both link on evolution. It is not possible to analyse my existence and my work without considering the effort and the work of my ancestors. The good an the bad consequences of their procedures in the foetus where I generate." The creator concludes that his work and effort, has the same rigor and diligence of his ascendants, but he also considers the aesthetic and the artistic sensibility of his mother, the uncompromising with the routine, as well the ardent desire of literature (that also links to the taste of his grandmothers), essential to believe that existence inhabits on a time and space that is invited to create, without imposition of calendars and timetables. The creator considers that as the same time his existence links to the moment, that moment is filled to maximum, imbued of profoundness, rigor, method, persistence and patience, "a lot of patience". He also adds that his children and his wife were and are fundamental on his route: "Without the meeting with the person who would be my wife I probably have not followed a creative life. My words and paintings maybe would never come true. She is part of my inspiration and belief on that I most like to do. She always believed that what I do is my work, she never called other thing. In relation to my sons, Mariana and Vicente, they have been a gift. I have learned a lot with them. Normally when we have children, we are only concerned with their education, health and learning, and we forgot how our life owes to them. We forgot their contribution to realise our family. We forgot that their vitality and happiness is ours. We forgot or not know how their energy is stimulating to our inspiration and work. I am very grateful for their coming, I am very grateful to have them by me. Truly I live with the energy that we lay at home. And that occurs because most of my work is done there. I am the one that is more at home, and that mostly breathes the air left by Sandra who went to work, and by Mariana and Vicente who went to school. That's how I feel great: On the warm family that I helped to create. Beyond the people mentioned, I can't forget the support of my parents-in-law, uncles, cousins, brothers-in-law, nephews and friends that have been receptive to my paintings, writings, performances,... to my "drama"."

2. The land that hasseen him growing

The creator takes pride to turn at the location where he always has lived before his marriage. He considers one of the best residential quarters in Lisbon, because when it was made had the objective to link families of different social and economic conditions, without forgetting the urbanistic plan that has unified those differences on a wealthy intimacy with nature.

3. The studies

The school and the university

The creator has always studied on local schools. After high school he went to I.S.C.A.L., an accounting and administration institute. On the next year he has transferred to the I.S.G., an administration institute, to make the administration people's resources course. During his studies he became on contact with the japanese´s management methods and the oriental philosophy. These experiences were useful to understand the links between the material and spiritual life. At the same time the social sciences subjects as sociology and psychology gave him a large contact with the west philosophers and thinkers. That has given a great sense on his life. On 9th of September of 1989 he was compelled to the writing process, with the propose to reveal experiences, reflections and feelings. At the same time he doubled the interest on social sciences and decreased on technical subjects of his administration course. The one that he will leave on 1994, after doing social sciences subjects and not finishing the technical specialisation.

The thinkers and the scientists

The contact with the work of eastern thinkers as Lao Tzu, Sakurasawa Nyoti (George Osawa on the west), Michio Kuchi, Tomio Kikuchi, Rajnish (Osho on the west) and Suzuki complemented to the work of western thinkers as Auguste Comte, Karl Marx, Émile Durkheim, Vilfredo Pareto, Max Weber, Freud and Jung referencing his creative acts. After he discovered the work of the physician Fritjof Kapra and the doctor and surgeon Alexis Carrel. Recently he has been in touch with the books of the psychiatrist Shimoda Bolden, and the writer James Redfield. Their work has been very useful to make contact between east and west, and to join different experiences and ways of thinking. The creator doesn't forget the work of the philosopher Agostinho da Silva, whose work had the privilege to defend the portuguese identity, focussing the people's contribution to humankind.

4.The professional life

In 1991 he has given temporary administration classes on high school. When he left the university, in 1994,became employee in a decoration store of his father and paternal uncle (Vasco Raul Batalha Caldeira), where he would be during three years. In 1998, he and his wife got a commercial concession for a baby clothes store. His commercial life would last one year, for in 1999 to turn completely his life to literature and painting.

5. The creative descendants

The creator was compelled to nominate various creative descendants towards to individualise each one of the artistic tendencies.

zukairos - writer, poet and thinker nunufilix - the plastic artist gustavo mudo - the actor and dancer zuflix - the musician

zukairos' route

The creator has ordered zukairos to start writing on September of 1989, in a period of great changes on creator's life. He would call that period "the turning point". The writing came to help the changes that were succeeding in his self. Changes that would turn the creator believing in life as a faithful servant. Today he is able to help the humanity for a new understanding, beyond the growing mutations occurring in earth living. He pretends to shine the creative chaos with the flame of creative order.

The thinkers and the writers

After to converge on the scientific thinkers' spirit, the creator has abandoned to the comprehension of the human feelings, in which the works of Herman Hesse were a fount of inspiration. Kundera is another writer of his preference because he helped him to believe in the literature structure reform. Luis Sepúlveda proved to him the necessary coexistence with the facts related, turning the fiction an reality. But Lao Tzu and some other related oriental thinkers, were fundamental to include the last impressions in consonance with the inward flow. The creator found the words' rhythm a phenomena. He started to understand why the meaning of mantras, when he imposed zukairos to read the same two books( that he has written) during the last five years. That was the time of revision process and perfection that has guided the creator to feel day by day more confidence in his self. Near the end of the work he felt more free, because the writer executed the revision process until a book of two hundred pages could be read in two hours. This relation can express to someone a completely non sense, but the truth is, to achieve the freedom we should privilege the inward rhythm way. Pronouncing the true words arranged by the writer, the goal can be target. And the true words are the ones that express an extend flow, when combined. Are the ones that put very clear the message that creator pretends to hear. The books express one moment of truth in creator's life. That's why they are very values, but paradoxically lowest, comparing to existence.

Written books - no edit Written books - in revision Written books - in final revision process for edition

Acuariam Génesis Body and soul stories The Peregrines Father, Son and the holly spirit The painter and the writer The Wayfarers Essays - compilation Wakan Tanka Realising Poetry Crooked Poetry Ideas of a new era

zukairos is the author of the creator whole texts, and of two books with nunufilix paintings:

The Creation The Movement From the skies to earth To live the childhood

nunufilix's root

The creator ordered nunufilix in 1999 to start painting. Influenced by the oriental school, which links each artistic activity to a process and a way of life; which links the artistic activity to scientific rigor, diluting the two definitions in one: creation. The creator says that he was compelled to painting process since very little, as most of the children: "I've never let to see the colour and trace, the flash on impetuous shine. However I was disinterested to make the painting image, that others told me to do. I rejected to create an image whose the others wanted, but I've never stopped painting. I took that position, at the same time I was crystallising what I wanted to painting. When that happened it has emerged the multiple images, but my painting didn't born on that time, in fact it has intemporal origins, as long as the image has a time and a space; one temporality that defines the beginning and the end."

The thinkers and the painters

The creator's familiar painters are Klimt, Van Gogh, Matisse, Picasso, Klee, Kandinsky, Riopelle, Hunderwaser, Mariola and José de Guimarães. The Kandinsky and Klee essays were a fount of inspiration to believe in painting as a process of spiritual evolution. It was an opportunity to reveal and making conscious what east sustained occult in relation to art. "Today, more than ever, everything we create is tied to our development. The painting is a link to that development. It is unthinkable for me to let the painting at random, without deciphering the submerse world that reflects. It will be unthinkable to paint without a text that justifies the painting; my development.


2000 - Macrobiotic Institute of Portugal, Lisbon 2001 - Yin-Yang, Lisbon 2001 - Mahart, Costa de Caparica 2001 - Castanheira de Pêra Municipality Home, Lisbon 2002 - Macrobiotic Institute of Portugal, Lisbon 2002 - Lisbon Show-room, Olivais Shopping, Lisbon

Gustavo Mudo's root

The dancing

The creator's connection to physical movement has started since very young. Since his three years old until eighteen, he has done gymnastics in Lisboa Ginásio Clube, in Lisbon. He passed by primary gymnastics, sportive gymnastics, trampolines and acrobatics. Beyond that, he has practice a lot of football and tennis. In 1991 he changed to martial arts, and met the master and musician Guilherme Luz. He has practice Kung Fu Toa during three years. Posteriority he creates his own dancing, as a result of several experiences:"I have passed all my childhood and youth practicing competitive sports of great effort; later, it has arrived the moment that I found something more that could me tie to physical movement. I found the art of breath and meditation. I passed to connect the movement as a way of life, as a philosophy. Today I have the life to my rhythm, and I consider the movement an indispensable condition, as the meat that feed, as the clothes that warm. At this moment I don't need to require the movement, because it comes to me; as the water to my thirsty, as the sun to my expansion. My dance, my movement, is in the beds I make, in the little behinds I clean and wash, in the walks near Tagus river, in the exhibition settings, in the tramps with friends, in the sex I practice, in the meat I prepare, in the dance I practice. I don't see the movement separated of everything I do, because everything is dancing, everything is movement. And if we think that dancing is art, so everything is art.

The thinkers and the movement practitioners

The meeting with the master and musician Guilherme Luz, was very important to the perspective change in the physical movement. He started to associate the movement towards the whole, called life; and how the shape of our physical expression has to do with the shape of our thinking and acting in the quotidian. The book "The art of shooting on target", of Herrigel, transmits this association, and how east thinking is important for a complete vision of reality.


2000 - Macrobiotic Institute of Portugal, Lisbon 2001 - Castanheira de Pêra Municipality Home, Lisbon

The drama

"Drama is a complement of writing. While the writing process of creation demands silence and isolation, in drama it demands voice and noise. It is an important instrument in direct evocation with humanity." Let us see what creator tells more about his drama: "The creative process in drama it has not a previous work with texts to memorize, or better, the texts never exist. What exists is a sketch, one way to trace; only when we are in the stage the route is marked and crossed."


2000 - Macrobiotic Institute of Portugal, Lisbon - The play: "My infinite" 2001 - Castanheira de Pêra Municipality Home, Lisbon - The play: "My Infinite" 2001 - Mahart, Costa de Caparica - The play: "Dying and living" 2001 - Yin-Yang, Lisbon - The play: "Dying and living"

The zuflix's route

The zuflix's route is very recent, despite that, creator says:"At the moment I was compelled to play for the first time, I had been playing for several years; not the normal composition but the inward sonorousness composition, the one that rhymes my spirit, my breath, my blood. Truly, when we get a level of coincidences with the inward rhythm, we are able to play music, the music of our understanding." The creator says that zukairos' and nunufilix's route was a stimulator to zuflix's advent: "zukairos' writing and nunufilix's painting, together with all analytic and esthetic adjacent work, had the objective to find the inward rhythm and to be tied with it. The reading and rereading of the texts, some of them with profound revisions, is essential to get the sonorousness' flow. It is indeed important to have the truth image of the words - the picture of understanding. In fact, that's why I requested the writing, the painting and finally the music: After to embrace my inward sonorousness with writing, subsequently I achieved the space where it could be sketched and painted. And when we have the sound and space, easily we get something that links them: The music."

The musicians

The zufli'sx improvised music advent had as reference and inspiration the musicians Guilheme Luz, Rodrigo Leão, Emanuel Nunes and Bomtempo, beyond the other classics as Beethoveen, Mozart and Bach. "The Guilherme Luz's improvised cosmic music silently guides us to interior travels, which should necessary be prepared. The music of Rodrigo Leão, by voices very well selected, involves us in sublime feelings. Emanuel Nunes, empties the linear and revives the caustic. He shines the torpidity, apathy, lacuna, and fail in a profound and choking shape. Bontempo is another portuguese classic musician rather known, rather elevated and who is perfectly on the side of the great classics. The creator doesn't forget "Fado" which takes us to the bottom; and higher the portuguese soul. I don't put any names, because they are a lot and good; as also in the foreign popular and pop music.


The creator before nominate his descendents, he considers him self a being. A being that thinks to act, and acts to think:"From the quality and the form of thinking and acting emerges the creation. From the body linked to spirit emerges the creative being. The creation can be individualized, classified and analyzed. A creative act is the one that joins together the aesthetic sensibility and the analytic or scientific spirit. Each being daily practices one set of vital tasks, from the basic ones until the complex ones. In all of them he may found an appreciation and a meaning to life."

Mahart Institution

The creator has established in 2000 the philosophical bases of Mahart Institution, which has the objective to bring the creative, (artistic and scientific) virtuosity. The Institution is in a provisional head-office, but it has developed some initiatives.

The newspaper

The creator edits a newspaper where he sporadically reveals one set of scientific and artistic references, important for understanding. Initially it was called "The Abysmal" and actually is called "Unis Totis".