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gustavo mudo



Gustavo Mudo’s root



The dancing



The creator’s connection to physical movement has started since very young. Since his three years old until eighteen, he has done gymnastics in Lisboa Ginásio Clube, in Lisbon. He passed by primary gymnastics, sportive gymnastics, trampolines and acrobatics. Beyond that, he has practice a lot of football and tennis. In 1991 he changed to martial arts, and met the master and musician Guilherme Luz. He has practice Kung Fu Toa during three years. Posteriority he creates his own dancing, as a result of several experiences:«I have passed all my childhood and youth practicing competitive sports of great effort; later, it has arrived the moment that I found something more that could me tie to physical movement. I found the art of breath and meditation. I passed to connect the movement as a way of life, as a philosophy. Today I have the life to my rhythm, and I consider the movement an indispensable condition, as the meat that feed, as the clothes that warm. At this moment I don’t need to require the movement, because it comes to me; as the water to my thirsty, as the sun to my expansion.

  My dance, my movement, is in the beds I make, in the little behinds I clean and wash, in the walks near Tagus river, in the exhibition settings, in the tramps with friends, in the sex I practice, in the meat I prepare, in the dance I practice.

  I don’t see the movement separated of everything I do, because everything is dancing, everything is movement. And if we think that dancing is art, so everything is art.


The thinkers and the movement practitioners


The meeting with the master and musician Guilherme Luz, was very important to the perspective change in the physical movement.

  He started to associate the movement towards the whole, called life; and how the shape of our physical expression has to do with the shape of our thinking and acting in the quotidian. The book “The art of shooting on target”, of Herrigel, transmits this association, and how east thinking is important for a complete vision of reality.




2000 – Macrobiotic Institute of Portugal, Lisbon

2001 - Castanheira de Pêra  Municipality Home, Lisbon




The drama


«Drama is a complement of writing. While the writing process of creation demands silence and isolation, in drama it demands voice and noise. It is an important instrument in direct evocation with humanity.»

  Let us see what creator tells more about his drama:

«The creative process in drama it has not a previous work with texts to memorize, or better, the texts never exist. What exists is a sketch, one way to trace; only when we are in the stage the route is marked and crossed.»




2000 - Macrobiotic Institute of Portugal, Lisbon – The play: “My infinite”

2001 - Castanheira de Pêra  Municipality Home, Lisbon – The play: “My Infinite”

2001 - Mahart, Costa de Caparica – The play: “Dying and living”

2001 - Yin-Yang, Lisbon - The play: “Dying and living”