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 nunufilixís  root


The creator ordered nunufilix in 1999 to start painting. Influenced by the oriental school, which links each artistic activity to a process and a way of life; which links the artistic activity to scientific rigor, diluting the two definitions in one: creation.

  The creator says that he was compelled to painting process since very little, as most of the children: ęIíve never let to see the colour and trace, the flash on impetuous shine. However I was disinterested to make the painting image, that others told me to do. I rejected to create an image whose the others wanted, but Iíve never stopped painting. I took that position, at the same time I was crystallising what I wanted to painting. When that happened it has emerged the multiple images, but my painting didnít born on that time, in fact it has intemporal origins, as long as the image has a time and a space; one temporality that defines the beginning and the end.Ľ   



The thinkers and the painters


The creatorís familiar painters are Klimt, Van Gogh, Matisse, Picasso, Klee, Kandinsky, Riopelle, Hunderwaser, Mariola and Josť de Guimar„es. The Kandinsky and Klee essays were a fount of inspiration to believe in painting as a process of spiritual evolution. It was an opportunity to reveal and making conscious what east sustained occult in relation to art. ęToday, more than ever, everything we create is tied to our development. The painting is a link to that development. It is unthinkable for me to let the painting at random, without deciphering the submerse world that reflects. It will be unthinkable to paint without a text that justifies the painting; my development.





2000 - Macrobiotic Institute of Portugal, Lisbon

2001 - Yin-Yang, Lisbon

2001 - Mahart, Costa de Caparica

2001 - Castanheira de PÍra  Municipality Home, Lisbon

2002 - Macrobiotic Institute of Portugal, Lisbon

2002 - Lisbon Show-room, Olivais Shopping, Lisbon