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The zuflix’s route


The zuflix’s route is very recent, despite that, creator says:«At the moment I was compelled to play for the first time, I had been playing for several years; not the normal composition but the inward sonorousness composition, the one that rhymes my spirit, my breath, my blood. Truly, when we get a level of coincidences with the inward rhythm, we are able to play music, the music of our understanding.»

  The creator says that zukairos’ and nunufilix’s route was a stimulator to zuflix’s advent:

«zukairos’ writing and nunufilix’s painting, together with all analytic and esthetic adjacent work, had the objective to find the inward rhythm and to be tied with it. The reading and rereading of  the texts, some of them with profound revisions, is essential to get the sonorousness’ flow. It is indeed important to have the truth image of the words – the picture of understanding.

  In fact, that’s why I requested the writing, the painting and finally the music:

  After to embrace my inward sonorousness with writing, subsequently I achieved the space where it could be sketched and painted. And when we have the sound and space, easily we get something  that links them: The music.»



The musicians


The zufli’sx improvised music advent had as reference and inspiration the musicians Guilheme Luz, Rodrigo Leão, Emanuel Nunes and Bomtempo, beyond the other classics as Beethoveen, Mozart and Bach.

  «The Guilherme Luz’s improvised cosmic music silently guides us to interior travels, which should necessary be prepared. The music of Rodrigo Leão, by voices very well selected, involves us in sublime feelings. Emanuel Nunes, empties the linear and revives the caustic. He shines the torpidity, apathy, lacuna, and fail in a profound and choking shape. Bontempo is another portuguese classic musician rather known, rather elevated and who is perfectly on the side of the great classics.

 The creator doesn’t forget “Fado” which takes us to the bottom; and higher the portuguese soul. I don’t put any names, because they are a lot and good; as also in the foreign popular and pop music.