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 zukairos’ route


The creator has ordered zukairos to start writing on September of 1989, in a period of great changes on creator’s life. He would call that period “the turning point”. The writing came to help the changes that were succeeding in his self. Changes that would turn the creator believing in life as a faithful servant.

  Today he is able to help the humanity for a new understanding, beyond the growing mutations occurring in earth living. He pretends to shine the creative chaos with the flame of creative order.



The thinkers and the writers


After to converge on the scientific thinkers’ spirit, the creator has abandoned to the comprehension of the human feelings, in which the works of Herman Hesse were a fount of inspiration. Kundera is another writer of his preference because he helped him to believe in the literature structure reform. Luis Sepúlveda proved to him the necessary coexistence with the facts related, turning the fiction an reality.  But Lao Tzu and some other related oriental thinkers, were fundamental to include the last impressions in consonance with the inward flow. The creator found the words’ rhythm a phenomena. He started to understand why the meaning of mantras, when he imposed zukairos to read the same two books( that he has written) during the last five years. That was the time of  revision process and perfection that has guided the creator to feel day by day more confidence in his self.

  Near the end of the work he felt more free, because the writer executed the revision process until a book of two hundred pages could be read in two hours. This relation can express to someone a completely non sense, but the truth is, to achieve the freedom we should privilege the inward rhythm way. Pronouncing the true words arranged by the writer, the goal can be target. And the true words are the ones that express an extend flow, when combined. Are the ones that put very clear the message that creator pretends to hear.  

  The books express one moment of truth in creator’s life. That’s why they are very values, but paradoxically lowest, comparing to existence.


Written books – no edit

Written books – in revision

Written books – in final revision process for edition




Acuariam Génesis

Body and soul stories

The Peregrines

Father, Son and the holly spirit

The painter and the writer

The Wayfarers

Essays – compilation



Wakan Tanka



Realising Poetry



Crooked Poetry



Ideas of a new era




zukairos is the author of the creator whole texts, and of two books with nunufilix paintings:


The Creation

The Movement

From the skies to earth

To live the childhood